21 May 2024
How to promote your business locally Using SEO

How to promote your business locally Using SEO

Hark back to your school days and imagine yourself entering a classroom. Behold the students on their desks. While some sit at the front, following what’s being thought, others remain in the back, disregarding the syllabus. The present-day landscape of marketing can be very well understood from the above scenario. Since trade is no longer earthbound and rambles on to search engines, paying heed to their critical algorithms has become the mainspring to success. Just as teachers prioritise the frontbenchers for their handwork and interest in the classes, search engines tend to rank certain websites higher as they put weight on content optimisation, keyword research and placement. And like those who settle themselves on the backbenches and remain overlooked by their teachers, the websites ranked below tend to lose their competitiveness and miss many an opportunity enjoyed by their higher-lined counterparts. At Magic Pencil, we equip you with the combined talent of our SEO experts and strategy makers. We arm you with various combat-proven strategies to garner more organic search results that not only inundate your website with traffic but also boost the ROI. A testament to our ability in the field is our well-rounded experience in getting your brand to surface on the web and delivered to the right audience at the right time.

But What Exactly is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of processes that seek to rank websites on the organic results of browsers like Google and Bing. While there may exist websites that have employed paid advertising to get hold of the topmost positions on the results page, SEO doesn’t require you to pay to get listed. Being the biggest source of traffic on the website, SEO is often categorized as

On-page SEO calls for you to generate first-rate content and incorporate the essential keywords in your website.

Off-page SEO encompasses actions that take place outside the website and pursue improving its authority and trust.

Technical SEO sets out to improve your website by making it easily accessible for search engines and user-friendly.

Businesses that command their operations in a physical location generally employ a more localised version of the aforesaid process known as local SEO. Here, they set about to focus on their local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness.

5 Local SEO Strategies you must not Ignore

With an entire army of award-winning digital marketers, content writers, and graphic designers at our service, we at Magic Pencil help you conquer the industry by fighting in the marshy plains of make-me-visible, battling amidst the sunless forests of cut-my-costs, and combatting atop the misty mountains of broaden-my-reach. With an entire squad of SEM and SEO experts at our disposal, we help you vanquish the competition not bare-fisted but armed with an arsenal of super weapons like brilliant advertisements, catchy headlines, effective hashtags, and higher rankings. Recognising and respecting the distinctiveness of each business, we help our clients forge their unique path to favourable results. First of all, to begin with the process, our well-experienced team employs proper data-driven analytics to steer your marketing plans in the right direction. Taking forward this initial step into a determined process, we deliver to you an entire gamut of worthwhile media plans, ingenious advertisements, attractive packages, cinematic corporate videos, and compelling after-effects. Supporting you to bring forth something more than just a lacklustre idea, we help you unfold your brand message into an enthralling narrative. Specialising in remoulding the pattern of communication to rocket up your revenue, we help you deliver not an offer but a story.

1. Google My Business Listing

It is known that any business that is perceptible on Google Maps is automatically assigned a free listing called a Google Business Profile. Claiming and optimising it can better the visibility of your website across services like Google Search and Google Maps. Furnishing the customers with information like your phone number, directions to the address, photos, and company news, encourages them to better know you and interact confidently with your business. Furthermore, many studies suggest that in recent times searches with keywords like ‘near me’ have rocketed up by more than 500%. This reflects to how an increasing number of people today are looking out for businesses like restaurants, gyms, and cinema halls in their proximity. Responding to queries, Google displays the Google Business Profiles of all the suitable options and thus proves to be quite instrumental in promoting your business locally using SEO.

2. Local Directories

Another way to improve your online visibility and trustworthiness is by listing your business in local directories. Listing businesses in specific niches and giving out great opportunities to secure precious backlinks, relevant directories could be effectively found by claiming listings like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook Business Page, Local Chamber of Commerce, and certain industry-specific directories.

3. Customer Reviews

Imagine that you are in dire need of a new computer mouse. Surfing through the Amazon app, you are presented with a myriad of options. Settling on a choice, you finally scroll down to the customer review section. Five stars, four stars, three stars, and so on the reviews go. While some speak of the product’s ease of instalment others complain of the battery life. While some acclaim its performance others criticize its durability. Just as customer reviews foster the credibility and trustworthiness of a product, they also account to be an essential factor of local SEO ranking. Going through the reviews and testimonials by other satisfied clients, customers may judge the business as truthful and reliable. Google recommends that business owners require customers to leave online reviews. It also encourages owners to reply to them regularly.

4. Local Keyword Targeting

Just as Google scraped the Google Pigeon ranking algorithm in 2014, it designated distance and geographical location as essential factors in displaying search results. Thus, incorporating the right local keywords in the website content has become very important. Local keyword research amounts to recognising and looking over the particular keywords and phrases that are well suited to a specific geographic location or region. This type of research is deemed essential for businesses or websites that target the local audience or operate within a few geographical areas. By identifying your target location, employing proper keyword research, creating localized landing pages and encouraging local reviews, a business can better promote its business locally using SEO.

5. Local Content Marketing

Local content marketing relates to producing and delivering relevant and engrossing content specifically designed to cater to the needs and wants of a local audience. Content is generally considered to be the fire of branding which when coupled with the fuel of effective media plans can go on to achieve brilliant results. By understanding the regional audience and engaging with them, recognising local trends, encouraging user-generated content, and analysing the results, businesses can successfully grasp local content marketing.


Since the internet has drawn people into its addictive midst, using local SEO has become essential for businesses that pursue to stay in the game and continue to develop. Effectively promoting your brand online makes it stand out and helps in fostering relationships with the individuals who are most important to your business. Armed with a talented team of SEO and SEO experts, we, at Magic Pencil help you formulate the right strategies to enhance local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness.

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